Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Nokia 107 LCD Light Problem Easy Solution Ways Full Track Line Jumper

If you are concerned about your Nokia 107 LCD light problems, then this article is going to help you out in this by making a simple jumper. Firstly make sure that your phone LCD is properly working, if it is not, then replace it with a new one. Find LCD light point on the motherboard and apply jumpers.
While you are repairing your mobile you need some equipment like fine wires, scissors, tester, solder, and tin.

How to make jumper:

  • Firstly prepare a smooth cable, fix its length that could connect its tracks.
  • Start to heat the tin with solders to attach fine wires. 
  • To measure the jump cables, always use a voltage tester.
Make sure that you have properly adjusted the jump cables for smooth flow. Check properly that the jumper cables should not be connected with each other. So go for it and we hope that you will be solving your LCD related problems with ease. If you are facing any problems while fixing jumper, then you can tell us by mentioning it in the comment section below.

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